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Writings by Rustin

1943 Interracial Primer by Bayard Rustin

Download the Interracial Primer. Written by Rustin in 1943, this  remarkable pamphlet offered practical advice and concrete suggestions to help Americans confront racial injustice and create interracial good will.

1963 March on Washington Organzing Manual by Bayard Rustin

Download the Final Plans for the March on Washington. Written by Rustin in 1963, this organizing manual contains the final instructions for the March and reflects Rustin’s skill and vision as an organizer.

From Montgomery to Stonewall: An Essay by Byard Rustin

Download From Montgomery to Stonewall. Adapted from a speech that Rustin gave in 1986, this essay discusses linkages between the civil rights movement and the movement for LGBTQ equality.

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